What are infographics?

Information as we know are facts told, heard or discovered about something and graphics are the use of visual illustrations to explain ideas better.



The digital platform uses these two combined together very effectively when the need to explain an idea visually and clearly on your computer or big screen to an audience is envisaged and to be understood better by them which is referred to as, infographics.

The effective use of infographics

Infographics are used extensively especially when there is a need to explain ideas by the podium speaker, teacher or anyone in a similar situation, to an audience big or small.

The use of easily understandable illustrative graphics has a stronger tendency to register in the audience’s memory than explaining something without.

The more illustrative the infographics are, easier they are to be understood by the audience.

Impact of infographics

When an idea, fact or program is explained to an audience with the use of infographics it is envisaged that around 90% of those present would assimilate the information provided depending on the type of illustrations provided.

Bright colorful infographics are sure to register in the minds on the audience rather than the same thing being told by delivering a boring speech or lecture.

Students who are taught a lesson with the use of infographics fare better than their counterparts taught the same lesson without it.

Infographics simplifies

The use of infographics simplifies any idea that you would want to put forward to an audience that is by showing in one illustration what you would take many words to achieve.

Only about 20% of what you read register in your mind compared to about 80% of what you would see in infographics or illustrations.

Information distributed using infographics to an audience with a lesser capacity to assimilate information would be better digested if it is provided with information they want to learn but do not have the capacity to understand.


Explanation through infographics

Detailed explanations using infographics would be better assimilated by an audience especially when an impact has to be created on any social issue that would be relevant and interesting to the audience.

The use of infographics is today are common medium when subjects alien to the audience have to be brought forward in a very simplified platform.

The use of infographics by non-profits 

Non-profits need to update information about their work in progress to the community that they serve for the simple reason that only then would the community engage and reciprocate positively.

The use of infographics to do so would educate the audience the non-profit serves, to know better of what is being done in and to their community.

Non-profits could also provide data, statistics and other relevant information through infographics which would otherwise be difficult to understand by the audience they serve. MEET DIPANWITA DAS Technology and communications strategist for nonprofits and social impact.

Inforgraphics are helpful

There is no doubt that the use of infographics by non-profits has made an indelible impact on how their audiences react to the information fed to them, positively of course.