Optimum protection

From time immemorial we have endeavoured to protect ourselves, whilst in medieval times we wore steel body armor when we went to battle, in modern times we use bullet proof vests.


Today’s corporate world is one big battleground and the competition out there is cutthroat no less hence protecting our interests are paramount, which has become more so important with the Internet which is one big cauldron of concoctions that if we do not keep our interests secured we would be stirred up and be the catalyst of everyone else inside.

Internet vulnerability

Once you are connected to the Internet your security is at stake and the need to protect your interests become that much more important hence putting in place an elaborate security umbrella becomes inevitable if you do not want prying eyes breaching your privacy.

Installing the appropriate security hardware and software to protect your interests has now become a nightmare for many corporate companies.

External surveillance

There is constant external surveillance from a variety of unscrupulous sources hence being aware of it and taking appropriate action to protect yourself is an important aspect, if you do not want your competitors to be party to your business plans before you could execute them.

Corporate espionage is on the rise with everyone connected to the Internet vulnerable making professional hackers a breed very much in demand by unscrupulous business competitors who want to know who is doing what.

Online threats

Information that you may provide online can be pilfered which includes even your password, hence constantly changing your password and having one that would be based on something more different than the old modus operandi of birthdays and anniversaries could help.

Purchasing goods and services online using credit cards can also make us vulnerable and others could fraudulently use your credit card details to purchase goods which you would not have.

The Social media that you use is one medium where Cyber security could be at it’s worst because these sites are vulnerable to prying eyes and once someone targets you there is nothing much you could do about it.


Online security

Your Social media sites, the email, banking operations and purchasing habits have to be secured if you are to protect your interests.

Whilst using your credit card doing so only with extreme caution is necessary, sites which begin with “https” gives you the clue that those sites are secured.

The last letter “s” shows you that your transaction is encrypted and the possibility of being looked from outside is screened or near impossible.

Online encryption

The use of code to transmit messages is a time honored practice and most sites today use software to continue the same practice especially where online purchasing, banking and the email are concerned, because very sensitive information is being exchanged today through these very popular mediums.

The software in encryption technology is developing at pace because of the urgent need in this sphere due to the vulnerability of many large organizations being insecure with the present security apparatus available.