There are several marine species found in ocean. The geographical diversity of oceans ranging from freezing Polar Regions to warm waters of tropic makes oceans the largest habitat for animals. According to International Union Conservation of Nature there are 368 marine species which are already endangered or vulnerable to become endangered.



Vaquita is an endangered species and the world’s smallest porpoise. It grows to a length of about 5 ft in length and is found in the shallow waters off the coast of Mexico in the Northern part of Gulf of California. Though they have a typical shape of a porpoise, they can be distinguished by dark rings round the eyes, patches on lips and a line from their dorsal fins to their mouths. One of the most endangered marine animals they are now a population of less than 600. Check this magical Feather Starfish.



Hawain Monk Seals are found in the North-West Hawain Islands. They have a grey coat, white belly and do not have external ears neither can they rotate their hind flippers under their body. They are skilful divers and can stay for about 10 minutes in 200 ft too. Only about 1100 number seals exist and are hunted primarily for meat, oil and skin. This species of seal, feed on the commercially sought fish, hence this is another major reason for hunting them down.



Hammerhead Sharks are found in the warm tropical regions and are light gray in colour with a greenish tinge. The lateral projections of their heads give it a hammer like shape and they usually swim in large and small schools. Explore more about baby great white shark.

Hammerhead Sharks has been added to the list of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in 2013 due to the ruthless style of hunting of this species. These sharks are caught and dragged to the boat by fishermen, their fins cut and the bleeding shark is thrown back into the sea to die.



Hawksbill turtle has a narrow head and hawk like beak and is one of the smaller sea turtles. The average size of an adult is 2.5 to 3 ft in carapace length and usually found in around coastal reefs, rocky areas, estuaries and lagoons in tropical and sub-tropical waters. They are mercilessly killed to make hair ornaments, jewelry and decorative items.

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Mimic Octopus lives in murky and muddy sea floors in the shallow warm waters of coasts o Indonesia, Malaysia and have also been spotted near The Great Barrier Reef. They can change the colour of the skin and texture to blend with their surroundings. It grows to a length of about 2 ft but arms spreads to about 25ft long.



Pacific Torepedo Ray is found in the rocky reefs at a shallow depth of 200m. The average length of Pacific Torpedo Ray is about 140 cm with a wide body disc. It is an Electroreceptive fish and lays quietly on the sea floor for its prey. The moment a fish is near; it jumps forward and catches the fish with its powerful electric organs.